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Dr. Kodur Venkatesh is a young and dynamic leader and a dedicated social worker had been addressing various socio, economic and political issues and been working towards redressing various matters of concern around us.

He has been picked up and choosen by various Residential Associations in and around Jayanagar and nominated him to represent the citizens on various forums

We bring a very brief resume of Dr. Kodur Venkatesh, whose impressive credentials are as under:

Dr. Kodur Venkatesh, Aged 52 yrs

M.A.,(Sociology) M.B.A, L.L.M, Ph.D., (USA) Police Professionalism in India
and its Impact on Internal Security
Ph.D., (UK) A critical Study of Indian Police its Structure, Organisational efficacy and
factors that enhance Police Credibility
and Public Relations
Post Doctoral Fellow (Prescott Univ, UK) (Naxalism & Terrorism in India)
Professorship from Canterbury University, UK
Former Dy. Supdt. Of Police, (CRPF) Gallantry during service in J & K
Class I Direct Appointed Gazetted Officers 1986 Batch (Full batch are DIGs)
President Institute for Academic Excellence & Strategic Research
Dy. Director General, International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, UK
COMMUNICATIONS, CAMBRIDGE, GB, UK Founder Arise India Foundation/ Founder,
Snehajyothi Orphanage
Author of the Book `Indian Police an Overview, Global Terrorism, Street Children of India,
Teen Suicide, Holistic approach of Literacy in India
Presented papers on National & International Forums and Keynote Speaker
for Knowledge Utsav, Nationwide assembly of Educationists
Chairman & Managing Trustee Sneha Jyothi Foundation for Child Rights
Charter President Rotary Bangalore Mega City & Major Donar
District Director, Community Service Rotary District 3190
Recommended for National Award for Child Welfare by State &
State Awardee for Child Welfare
Limca Book of Record Holder for Maximum Doctorate Degrees in India
A total of 25 years experience Social Work, Working with NGOs, Adoption
of Schools, Villages, Rural Development & Corporate Social Responsibility

ASIA WHOS WHO & Among 2000 Intellectuals of the world

Contact Phone No: 91-080-2663 0046, 6590 0627 Mobile : 98450 18437
Email : drk_venkatesh@yahoo.com ; proudindian@live.in

Address: Dr. Kodur Venkatesh, 6, D Main, East End, 9th Block,
Jayanagar, Bangalore – 560 069, Karnataka.
Mobile: 9845018437, 8050835465 Landline: 080 26630046 Fax 080 22442466

India is a land of tremendous contrasts, not least in the way she cherishes such values as sacrifice and spirituality, points proudly to their prominent place in her past and boasts of her rich cultural heritage and the honesty and purity that were an essential part of it. But in the 21st century, such values remain very much in the past and India has become an embarrassing by word for dishonesty, hypocrisy and money grabbing. What has happened to those old values? Is there some covert destruction of these values going on undetected? We need a true diagnosis of the root causes of the erosion of these values and this is something our academics must do. Only then is there any hope of an eventual lasting solution. At present the public perception is that corruption, Social inequality, Counter terrorism is a way of life, unavoidable, something you have to endure; that you cannot survive in India without indulging in such crimes in one form or the other. People are so used to this life of acts that they have lost all interest in doing anything about it. Only exceptional individuals can make a difference. So Lets all strive and fight against these crimes and create an awareness among the people for a better India.

We need such like-minded people to come together to form a network and then work together to start an aggressive campaign to oust such crimes. Hence we come to those exceptional individuals who have a burning desire and a firm commitment to change the situation. Such individuals are unlikely to be found among religious leaders for they seldom have the elimination of all such crimes on their agenda. Indeed, they sometimes preach an attitude of resignation and tolerance. Exceptional people are mostly those who are somehow moved voluntarily to make a contribution for the good of society. They may be few and far between but they can be found in all walks of life – the Police, the Bureaucracy, even in Politics.

Arise India Foundation is an organization which fights against the evils of the society such as corruption, Counter terrorism, Social inequality and to maintain national unity and protect our environment from such offences. Our objective is to raise the level of awareness in relation to bribery and corruption, Counter terrorism and social inequality and to highlight the serious consequences. All these Crimes poses a substantial obstacle to development in developing countries. The founders of Arise India Foundation were matured enough in addressing the social causes for over a decade and has come forward to emphazise their commitment to fight against all these crimes.

"A society which has no history can never become a Ruler because it is the history, which provides Inspiration; Inspiration creates Awareness; Awareness generates Thoughts; Thoughts generate Strength; Strength creates Power and Power creates Rulers". Thereby a great soul said that "if you want to destroy a society, just destroy its history that will culminate into the destruction of the society".

My Mission

Spreading Social Awareness In India.

  • Corruption in India
  • Bureaucracy
  • Red tapism
  • Counter Terrorism

My Activities

Lack of a clear vision and commitment to the pro-people agenda has lead to ad-hoc and unpopular initiatives. The truth is not far to seek. If you go to a village in any part of the country you will find majority of our country men unchanged.

While the country boasts of an average nine percent growth rate and we claim self reliance in food, people still suffer from malnutrition, under nutrition and lack of medical care.

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